Kitchen Renovation

When remodeling your kitchen, appliance choices and cabinet options seem endless. Amid questions of function, it is easy to forget that your style choices will affect the way your kitchen works just as surely as the refrigerator model you choose. Design details do more than transform a simple room into the kitchen of an old-fashioned farmhouse or Tuscan villa. They create environments. Certain details can turn your kitchen into a relaxing retreat, recall a specific location, emanate elegance, or place function first. Whether you are a traditionalist at heart or gravitate toward stainless steel, it is important to remember that details create environments. A smart remodeling plan always starts with a well thought out design; one that is usable, realistic and affordable.

Bathroom Renovation

New houses of even modest proportions often sport bathrooms that are, by 1950s and 1960s standards, enormous. His and her sinks, separate shower and tub, a partition built around the commode to ensure greater privacy. Homeowners with older houses that don’t have master baths the size of garages can find personal expression and good resale value in throwing out the old, utilitarian look and splurging a little on a look closer to their tastes. In most bath renovations, the sink, toilet and tub stay where they are. But if your present layout is not working or a complete redo is in order let us you with the new floor plan. Space is always at a premium in a bath so whether it is the master bath, a powder room, or the kids bathroom, Let our expert team help you make the most of your private space.

Basement Renovation

There are times when every homeowner feels a little cramped and wishes they had more space. Most people have a vast new living space right under their feet; the basement. A finished basement can be bright and cheery instead of dark and damp. Panelling and fluorescents can be replaced with drywall and pot lights. Your added space can house an office or may be a workout room, home entertainment theatres or perhaps some extra space to send the kids when you need a break. Consider the basement is 1/3 to 1/2 of your total house space. Add to this the ever increasing cost of housing and this huge space becomes hard to ignore.
Let our expert team increase your living space without the high cost of moving.

Custom Projects

No job is too small or too big for us.
Are you looking for custom planter boxes, porch for front entrance, TV cabinet, or a bookshelf?
Our experienced craftsmen can build it for you based on exact specification and size.
Whether you are looking for hardwood, vinyl, or carpet flooring, our team can do wall to wall installation.
Building a deck is the best way to expand your summer living space. A quality deck should give years of carefree use, at an affordable price.
Having built thousands of feet of decking, we know the do’s and don’ts of deck building, including local by-laws and codes.